Trendimi: Helping Women Look Fabulous

Little girls dream of being a fairy or a princess, but as they grow older and ambitions become more grounded, the allure of fashion, style, beauty and makeup has a strong pull. Many women are quite happy that there are plenty of people in the world who design clothes, manufacture makeup and run beauty salons. Others however, are not content with just shopping to fill the wardrobe, buying all their beauty accoutrements and visiting the salon. Some aspire to be the designer, the makeup artist, the nail technician and even more.

There’s no denying there is a major element of glamour to the industries involved in making women look good. But working in these industries is still a job. You still have to work hard and those who get to work at the glamorous end with celebrities, musicians, in the movies or television are the lucky few. Most will find their careers in the everyday world. Not to say that it lacks excitement. There’s a huge satisfaction in seeing a client walk away looking better than they have ever done, or knowing that a bridal hairdo is the most important issue of that lady’s wedding day.

Anyone with a passion for creativity and detail can become a designer, stylist or beauty technician. These might be jobs, but they are also busy careers.

There are various routes into fashion, styling, beauty and their associated industries. You might take a direct route by becoming a trainee or an apprentice, learning on the job, working 9-5 (and some!) with a college course on day release or evenings, for example. There’s also the option to attend college full time gaining a vocational qualification. Or, in keeping up with the modern phenomena of everything being available on the internet, get an education in image with various online courses.

Trendimi for example, offers online courses in practical and technical arts for creating an image – hair styling, nails and makeup, as well as aesthetic styling such as personal shopping and personal styling. If you want to work in the beauty industry, Trendimi courses equip you with the start you need. With a successful course under your belt, the world of image and beauty awaits. The courses will not guarantee that you’ll get to do make up for the dancers in the next blockbusting Lady Gaga video, or that Kate Winslet will ask you to accompany her on a clothes shopping trip, but they indeed open a door – it’s up to you to get your foot in once it’s open.

Trendimi / Beginning a Career in Nail Art

Nail artists with creativity and flair are becoming more and more in demand in the modern age. Image is important and personal appearance and grooming hold significance in this world of social media and image sharing. At a recent red carpet event, eNews even had a special stage and camera for nails, and it is not just celebrities who wish to express themselves and their own unique styles Trendimithrough their nails. More and more people are realising the importance of paying attention to hands and feet to complete a fully groomed look and nail artists and technicians are in hot demand throughout the UK and across the globe. To embark on a career as a nail artist, people need to have creativity and flair, patience and good people skills, knowledge of current fashion and trends, and a good eye for colour and shape. There are no formal qualifications required at entry level, but professional and personal experience and qualifications are certainly a bonus.

The international stylists at Trendimi are now offering an exciting online nail art course for aspiring nail technicians, which teaches all the basic knowledge and skills required to begin a career in this area. The Trendimi Nail Art course teaches students about different types of nail polish and their properties, current fashions and all the latest techniques for creating glamorous nails. This ICOES accredited course teaches to the very highest standards of online education and includes a module on hand exercises and massage techniques, and how to adapt these techniques to feet which provides the budding nail artist with the skills to offer a service that people will love and want to come back for time and again. Those who successfully complete the Trendimi course will be provided with a certificate, which can be used as proof of study for employment or as a credential in a self-employed nail artist’s portfolio.

Nail technicians in the UK can expect to earn a starting salary of between £12,000 and £16,000 per year, depending on experience and qualifications, with salaries rising to as much as £25,000 per year for those who progress with their professional experience and qualifications. The beginner nail artist will usually be expected to know how to perform basic treatments such as manicures and pedicures, cleaning and filing nails, applying, removing and maintaining false nails and extensions, decorating nails with polish, transfers, putting gems and other accessories and paint designs onto the nails by hand or using a stencil, as well as being aware of what to look for regarding skin or nail health problems before treatment.

Trendimi | Keeping Up with the Latest Fashion Trends

Trendimi offer relevant and important fashion courses, offering all the latest and current information to students. Learn the trade of your dreams through these courses and get started on your new career right away.

Trendimi’s Style Me course will help you learn how to look more fabulous, wherever you go. After you have developed your personal fashion style by taking the Style Me course at Trendimi, you can Trendimifollow these simple tips to keeping up with the latest in fashion trends.

If you have a fashion business of any kind, such as selling clothing or jewellery, apply makeup, doing hair or nails, you will want to keep up with all of the latest trends. Your customers will want access to the freshest looks. You must be able to provide them.

Stay on top of the game and ahead of your competitors by reading fashion magazines, researching online for anything new and doing plenty of research into your particular market. This may include travelling to find out what’s new. How much research you want to do will depend on your particular needs and desires.

Reading magazines is an excellent way to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. Magazines like Vogue already have their finger on the pulse of the fashion world. You can use their knowledge to your advantage by offering new, celebrity styles to your customers.

The Internet is an outstanding resource for anyone in the fashion business. The latest styles and fashions can be found by researching the Internet on a regular basis. You can also check into what type of awards have recently been won by fashion moguls. Having this kind of knowledge into the fashion world will endear you to your customers.

The more research you do into your personal market the better. Make sure you are enquiring about the service your customers are receiving, and ask for suggestions on improvement and fashion trends that they would like to see you offer. Your customers will be your best research tool.

Go to any shows that will be taking place, even if you are just a single-site high street shop owner. If you can afford the shows, you will find that the exposure to other traders and products is invaluable.

These tips will help you keep your eyes open in the fashion world, allowing you to make the best decisions for your company and your customers. Check out the courses at Trendimi to get you started on this exciting career by going to the website at or calling 0203290 4209.

Trendimi | Go From Bridezilla to Blushing Bride

Virtually everyone wants an ideal wedding day: an event that goes off without a hitch, surrounded by friends and family that no one ever forgets. There is one person that can help busy brides pull it all together: a wedding planner. Now, with Trendimi, it is easier than ever to learn the essential skills needed to be a reliable and competent wedding professional. With online courses offered in a convenient and informative format, fashion professionals Trendimilooking to break into this lucrative industry have a launching point for a successful career. Trendimi courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards, meaning they meet a rigorous set of criteria ensuring they deliver only the best in online education. Many people actually start with the Trendimi Style Me course, using it as a way into the more advanced courses in makeup, hair styling, and of course, wedding planning.

Wedding planning is more than just lining up vendors and hoping for the best. It involves developing a bride’s sense of style and selecting the right date and venue for the wedding she wants. Trendimi gives wedding planners the tools to conduct thorough evaluations and make informed recommendations to each couple they work with. The Trendimi wedding planning course also discusses traditional weddings from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, so that wedding professionals can be prepared to accommodate certain religious and cultural needs. These added touches are what set Trendimi wedding planners apart from all the others.

A Trendimi wedding planning course also covers correct timing and how to stay organised. Many events lead up to the wedding, including showers, rehearsal dinners and other celebrations. It is essential that a wedding planner be able to provide advice at every step of the way. Trendimi also teaches the planner how to professionally style everything in the wedding, from the bride’s look, to the outfits for the wedding party, to the decorations at the chosen venue. The Trendimi course is an excellent way to turn a passion for lovely weddings into a rewarding career.

The entire Trendimi catalogue of courses can help anyone who wants to jump start a career in fashion. From Style Me to Style You, from nail artistry to makeup artistry, Trendimi is the place for budding fashion professionals to hone their skills. Or, many people simply use the courses to refine their own personal looks and sense of style. Either way, whether seeking a new career or a way to stay hip on new trends, these courses through Trendimi can help everyone look and feel their best.

Trendimi | Makeup Tips for Ladies

It is a fact that first impressions make a difference. Your face is what people see first. Your makeup needs to look the best it can. You may need to put in a little effort. Although, there are women whose natural faces are smooth and beautiful, most are grateful for a little help. The Makeup Artist course at Trendimi will train you how to apply your makeup well and help other women find the look that’s best for them.

For those of you with eyelashes that appear slight or thin, the ideal solution would be to get false ones. You have to know how, when and why you’re using them. Women who have discolourations in their skin are also given tips on what makeup will smooth out that colour. Social media is widespread in the world today and images are popping up everywhere. Make sure your online pictures look like you know what you are doing with your makeup.


The Makeup Artist course offered at Trendimi trains students in professional techniques in makeup artistry. Makeup styles are constantly changing in the fashion industry, along with so many other trends. Anticipate these fluctuations by learning a variety of different techniques and styles, giving yourself a strong foundation to work from when changes occur. You will be able to interpret the new trends, incorporating them into your personal work, much easier if you have a vast knowledge in the field. Trendimi will make sure you have the skills to match the knowledge.

Whether you plan a career as a makeup artist or simply want to know how to make your appearance the best it can be, the course at Trendimi will set you on the right track. You will learn how to use the materials and tools involved, what products are, what they do and how to apply them. You will learn how to highlight, assess skin tones and face shapes, enhance bone structure and apply correction, concealer, blush, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes and foundation.

Taking a course in makeup artistry at Trendimi opens up plenty of opportunities to work in different jobs, like being a representative for a cosmetics company or providing professional makeup for specific individuals; equally, for those who just want to improve their makeup skills for themselves, this course is also ideal. To find out how Trendimi can help you launch your exciting new career contact them at or call 0203290 4209.